Spooky Happenings at THF

Spooky Happenings at THF

OCTOBER has been a weird month…

This is NOT what we had anticipated! WE’RE STILL CLOSED UNTIL TUESDAY, OCTOBER 24!

You read our construction explanation in our last newsletter…but here’s the recap:

“This past year, we noted a crack in our wall on the B Side. An engineer confirmed that it was caused by water and weather damage from roof leakage. We replaced the roof and secured a highly recommended mason, Tom Kelly of Kelly Masonry and Remodeling, LLC, to repair the interior and exterior damage. As Kelly prepped for repair, he discovered additional damage that had not been visible before. Another engineer provided inspection and consultation of the needed course of action.”

We thought we could re-open on OCT 17 – WRONG! With extensive reconstruction and some weather constraints, more time is required! The insurance adjuster comes on Thursday, OCT 19 (CROSS YOUR FINGERS AND TOES THAT GOES WELL!), and there’s a lot to get done before we can re-open (cleaning, rearranging racks, etc). I was working at the shop today, and it was soooooooo cold because there’s a gaping HOLE in the exterior wall – soon to be filled in!

Thank you for your patience and well wishes. We will get through this, and it will be better than ever!

Keep movin’ on!!


If you’re able to help us financially, it would be much appreciated!



Meanwhile, send prayers and positive thoughts regarding the insurance coverage and just getting ‘er DONE!

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