Who We Are

The Dignity Of Shopping

At our House, women love to shop our meticulously maintained non-profit women’s resale shop, run by tenderhearted volunteers. Our shop offers clothing in sizes 0 through 4X and serves as the “closet” for over 65 agencies that serve women!

Agency clients have the dignity of shopping for what they like, as well as what they need. Some women are ready for suits or interview attire while others are still healing and need sportswear and comfy jammies. We provide a welcoming shopping experience – a boutique-style atmosphere and a playful, embracing attitude for women in all situations.

Our quality fashions are deeply discounted and a blessing on any budget!

Our Mission

The mission of Treasure House Fashions is “promoting the dignity and self-esteem of women, particularly women in transition or crisis. Outward appearance is not an accurate reflection of your worth, but it can affirm the treasure that you truly are!”

  • Working with our partner agencies, we provide clothing in an affirming manner at no cost to the client or their agency.
  • Sharing our mission allows our partner agencies to focus on the specific needs of the women they serve.
  • Watching agency clients “graduate” from their programs and become independent serves as an amazing inspiration to everyone.
  • Being accessible to everyone allows Treasure House to serve as a long-term resource and haven to women.

Only Women’s Clothing…because?

We do not offer children’s clothing. WHY? Because if a mom has a choice between getting something for herself or getting something for her child, you know which one she will choose! Moms are the heart of the home and the heart of the community. When Mom is taken care of, everyone benefits!

Encouraging Each Woman To

We encourage each woman who comes to Treasure House Fashions to…

  • Know Her Worth
  • Take Care of Herself
  • Invest in Herself

If a woman knows her worth and takes care of and invests in herself, she is a more effective role model and better able to care for her children. We encourage women to find the treasure within, and we use the magic of “retail therapy” as a healing balm on bruised souls.

Volunteer Run

Our shop is run by volunteers – tenderhearted, caring women who love clothes and love affirming other women.

These ladies treat each woman who graces our doors with dignity and respect, assisting them in flattering fashion selections for their current life style. Our volunteers seek to “affirm the treasure” within each woman.

When you shop with us, you are supporting our mission of promoting the self-esteem and dignity of women in transition or crisis. Consider it guilt-free shopping or community service!! That’s women helping women.