It’s the Most Wonderful Day…for COMFY shopping!

It's the Most Wonderful Day...for COMFY shopping!

The Holidays are swiftly arriving – are you ready?? Ready or not, here they come! We invite you to a COMFY day to…

Shop in Your Jammies

70% OFF

Saturday, DEC 16

…during regular hours, 11 am-4 pm at our House! Everything in the showroom – including the mezzanine with the fancy, schmancy After-Five glitzy fashions – is shopping-ready for YOU!

We’ll be in our jammies – you’re welcome to come in yours – or not – but we’d love to see your face one last time for 2023!

Treasure House Fashions


…to allow our staff and volunteers precious time with family and friends!

We are accepting donations this last week – so if you’ve been holding on to those bags of clothing and want them outta the haus before the Holidays, this week is your chance – DEC 13-16! Remember:

* No boxes (including shoe boxes)

* No hangers

* Put items in a bag you don’t want back (we recycle bags)

Sliding into the Holidays!

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