Treasured memories in may

In Honor or Memory of Someone You LOVE!

May is the perfect month to pause and reflecta on treasured memories… memories with your mom (yep, Mother’s Day!), your sis, your bestie… memories with friends you haven’t seen for too long or cherished loved ones who are no longer present!

Honor/remember your Loved One by underwriting a THF eGIFT CARD – in any amount – for a woman in transition or crisis, to “gift” a friend or to “gift” yourself! Celebrate your Loved One(s) by supporting the mission of Treasure House Fashions, spreading hope and love!

How To Purchase

  • Click this link, eGIFT CARDS, to purchase.
  • Select A GIFT FOR YOU to “gift” a friend or yourself.
  • Click the arrow to select PAY IT FORWARD to “gift” a woman in need.
  • PROMOTION CODE: leave blank
  • Click on the eGIFT CARD AMOUNT…your choice!
  • Scroll down to fill-in the information:
    • To “Gift” a Friend: fill-in her name and email as the Recipient.
    • To “Pay It Forward”: fill-in “Tracy” and “tracy@thfashions.org” as Recipient. We’ll pass it along to a woman in need that we serve.
    • To “Gift” Yourself: fill-in BOTH “Recipient” and “Your” fields with your own information.
  • Click CONTINUE and fill-in your credit card information.

The eCARD will be emailed to the Recipient then print for a shopping spree!

We’ll joyfully welcome you at our House!

Also, share a memory, photo or video on our Facebook page. Follow our Facebook page throughout May. It may stir some extra memories that you have tucked away! Spread the joy and the laughter and the love!

Let’s reflect on Treasured Memories in Honor of or in Memory of those we truly LOVE!!

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