Tracy’s Bday Sale! …80s Style!

You KNOW we love to play dress up – we use any excuse we can to wear costumes and decorate the shop for a theme party!

This is happening on Saturday, FEB 25th from 11AM to 4PM…
70% OFF everything!

We’ll be dressed in 80s fashions and you’re welcome to join in the back-in-the-day fashions…or not! Either way, we’ll be celebrating Tracy’s Bday and offering YOU 70% OFF cuz WE LOVE YOU…
and we’re glad you love us, too!

BTW – we’re CLOSED Tuesday, FEB 21!
We have a deposition to deal with our floor situation – yes, we’re still dealing with that past ordeal! Sorry for the inconvenience! We’re hoping to get a resolution SOON!

Happy Bday, Tracy!

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