Just Want You to Know…

Just Want You to Know...

“Ella” came in with two caseworkers from Milestone. She experienced a fire in her apartment – her stove blew up, and she received second-degree burns over 49% of her body! She was in the hospital for more than 3 months and was grateful that she was recovering. She praised the kindness of the caseworkers – they often checked in on her and encouraged her. They brought her to Treasure House Fashions because she lost everything in the fire.

Before, her healing was the priority; now, she needed the “dailies” to continue moving forward. Milestone cheered her on as we assured her we would restore all that the fire had destroyed—and more! She got jammies, undergarments, casual tops, pants, shoes, and jackets—everything she needed (and picked out what she wanted!)

Tears of gratitude streamed down her face!

“Thank you! Bless you!” she repeated over and over again.

Despite the trauma – despite the challenges, her spirit was hopeful and appreciative of the support and help she received. The fire had taken much but not her grateful heart!

“I’ll be back!” she promised.

That’s what you make happen through your support of our mission!!

Grateful Heart!

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