Heart of our mission

sponsored girls night out with women working hard!

one of our board members, michelle bushee, was inspired to encourage women doing the hard work of reclaiming their lives after incarceration. She networked with some parole officers that had seen the moving evidence that these ladies were towing the line, making it happen, being accountable! She felt that was something to celebrate and treasure house offered the perfect location!

michelle gathered associates to volunteer as “Personal shoppers” at this sponsored girls night out. These associates were committed to discretion and respecting the unanimity of these women making a fresh start. Thirteen hand-selected parolees came to treasure house fashions to be rewarded for their efforts (even though some were unclear what to expect). Each woman received a $30 gift certificate for shopping at our store, redeemed at half off (so she got twice as much merchandise). The “Personal shoppers” gently assisted with selections and “Fussed” over these ladies.

initially the parolees were cautious as they checked out this unique event in their honor, but by the end of the evening when all were enjoying refreshments, they were giggling with delight at their new found fashions and felt accepted and affirmed! Hard work deserves to be celebrated! Congrats, ladies!

keep walking strong! We’re cheering you on!

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