Who knew?!?!

Where do I even begin?!?! I had HIGH HOPES for 2020 – I never imagined we’d be where we are right now! The current pandemic has literally brought our world to a screeching HALT!

  • Our shop closed March 16 – no shopping, no revenue!
  • Our fashion show was canceled – another loss of revenue!
  • We’re not at the store so no donations can be received!
    Those things have highly impacted our mission and operations…but most of all, WE MISS YOU!!

The ladies who come to our store are like family – we know you, care about you and MISS YOU SOOO!! It’s been quite a shock to our system – overflowing with uncertainty and constantly changing parameters! No wonder we can’t keep track of the days – we’re not seeing you on your regular days as shoppers and volunteers and donors – and it’s thrown us off completely!

So please take care of yourself! Check in on those around you – maintaining social distancing, of course! If you need something – a call, a virtual HUG, a listening ear – please leave a message at the shop and we’ll get back to you! We’re looking forward to the days when we can welcome you at our House!

We miss you!!

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