We’re not ok – but together we can heal!

I’m sure your heart hurts like mine does from the recent events. While concerned and isolated from the worldwide pandemic,I was grieved to literally “See” the insidious death of george floyd at the knees of a police officer. I was grieved to see the violence that caused more insidious deaths. I’m hopeful over the peaceful demonstrations voicing that systemic racism is not tolerable and that changes must be made. I am hopeful watching peaceful protests and conversations against injustice.

our hearts go out to the floyd family and all the families who have lost loved ones. It is too high a price to pay and it must not be in vain!

We must do better – we must be better human beings.

Be kind and forgiving as we all process this stressful, uncertain time. Please don’t assume that you know what another person thinks or believes. Respectfully ask questions and listen for answers. Be curious, not condemning, and if someone responds with anger, extend grace at the expression of raw emotions. Educate yourself and look for opportunities to promote dramatic reforms.

It takes time to heal! Engage in respectful and meaningful conversations. Extend kindness, patience, and care! We are not the same – we have not had the same experiences – but we can stand together against injustice and work together to heal!

Together we can make our world a better place!

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