Re-opening March 8th

You know the story…we had the flooring re-done on half our building in February 2020 – right after our BAG SALE and right before the pandemic shutdown! Unfortunately, the preliminary contractors used a product incorrectly and it caused flooding on that half of our building to buckle – a safety hazard requiring a “re-do”!

We’re into WEEK 2nd and it is WEIRD not to be at the shop! Tracy and I both had plans of completing long-neglected projects at home during this mandated “time off” – but at times we did nothing! Guess we needed the break from the pandemic craziness more than we realized!

We’re both having THF withdrawal and we definitely MISS YOUR FACE!! When we return on March 8th, everything will be safe and restocked with fresh merchandise – spring and a sprinkling of winter (cuz who knows what the weather will be!)

What are YOU doing to deal with THF withdrawal?? We look forward to seeing YOU SOON!!

Stay healthy – stay safe! MISS YOU!

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