We work with even more agencies!

Recently we updated the count for our partner agencies: over our 19-year history we’ve worked with 120 agencies.  currently we collaborate with over 80. agency collaborations come and go with staff turnover, shift in programming and various other agency changes. We continue to offer free clothing to programs in the greater pittsburgh area that serve women! Clothing, however, is our means, not our mission; our heart is to affirm the worth of women on challenging journeys.

One of our agencies, Foundation of Hope, works with those who have been incarcerated. Their Program Director Keith Kondrich  frequently accompanies his clients and recently shared the impact of his “ladies” coming to Treasure House Fashions.

“I appreciate the clothing our girls can get and they love shopping, but more than that, you and your ladies treat them with such dignity and respect. For a lot of my girls, this is the first time they’ve been treated that way! No wonder their lives got off track. Thank you and your staff for being so kind!”

Often we don’t know the “why” behind someone’s situation! What we do know is that we can choose to BE KIND to everyone we encounter – treating each with dignity and respect – with the hope that our kindness will plant seeds of hope and encouragement!

In a world where you can be anything, be kind!

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