We want to blow her mind!

We Want to Blow Her Mind – Shop eBay

About 7 years ago, Jessi Thomas shopped at Treasure House Fashions to stock her own eBay resale clothing store. She found bargains that she could readily resell – but something tugged at her heartstrings! She knew the mission of Treasure House and she wanted to help!

Jessi offered to set up and manage a nonprofit eBay site for Treasure House…and we agreed to the “partnership”. Jessi has diligently selected merchandise, photographed it, posted it, shipped it and handled all customer service concerns! WOW!! Her steadfast expertise has been such a blessing because we did not have the skill or time to do this

In 2013 we honored Jessi with a Treasured Angel Award, acknowledging her help and dedication to our mission. In her acceptance speech, Jessi shared personal info that caused the audience to catch their breath: Jessi has autism! She was not able to volunteer in other ways, but as she shared, “everyone has something to give!” She gives her skill and time! We are so grateful for all that Jessi has given to our mission!!

Sometimes Jessi gets discouraged when her sales are not what she anticipates! We want to blow her mind! Please help us on CYBER MONDAY. Check out our eBay site below and share this email with everyone you know! Let’s generate abundant sales for Jessi and for Treasure House Fashions on CYBER MONDAY (and of course, you can also shop this site any time and any day!!)

See postings on our Treasure House Fashions facebook page throughout the day HERE or click below to shop our designated site on eBay on CYBER MONDAY, November 21…or anytime and any day!!!

Let’s blow her mind!! Please share with everyone you know!

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