The Saga Continues…

The saga of the floor continues, and it’s resulted in making lots of copies of requested documents – killing “trees” and using tons of ink! UGH!! Any supporters willing to donate black ink (952 or 952 XL)? It would be most appreciated!

It still baffles me that people who make a mess don’t accept responsibility for making it right! Mistakes can happen to all of us – just FIX it!! That’s parenting 101! Arbitration will be scheduled sometime in June. Until then, we continue to make copies and make copies and make copies…!

If Tracy and I seem a bit punchy or out of sorts, please be patient with us! It’s been a lot to manage!

This has ruffled my feathers a bit! The amount involved is over $50,000 – a LOT in our budget -, but I refuse to allow this to suck any more life out of our mission! It’s time to put on the superhero mask and make things happen! We’re pursuing grants and other financial means to restore the funds (although we’re still hopeful there will be a settlement). We’re ready to pursue the dreams we had pre-Covid: an elevator, an automated entry with portico, an ADA bathroom in the mezzanine and an expanded mezzanine for a workforce development collaborative with other agencies.

FYI – we just received $2,700 from Inspired Humanity last night (3/29)! We’re sooooooo grateful for the generosity of these men and women who believe in our mission! THANK YOU!! It’s needed, it’s deeply appreciated and it’s so encourgaing!

Specifics will be coming in the next few months! We’re committed to LIFTING UP WOMEN, and we’ll be enlisting your help!


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