Thank, mckinley carter!

women investing in women!!

on an annual basis, mckinley carter wealth services hosts a sponsored girls night out. They underwrote gift certificates for shopping at our shop and their investment clients served as “Personal shoppers” for women from our agency partner, women’s center and shelter.

the “Personal shoppers” gave their undivided attention to these women and were inspired by the strength and courage of these challenged women:

  • my gal had her spine broken by her ex and he took her 5 kids.
  • my gal had her hand broken – one finger is still badly mangled – so she couldn’t work.
  • my gal was pregnant when she came here from syria with her husband. When she had a daughter, he abandoned them and left the country.

these unthinkable circumstances are being experienced by women in our own backyard! This evening of shopping was an opportunity to set aside their daily challenges and be refreshed by shopping for what they wanted, as well as what they needed and having their selections affirmed with “Ooohs and ahhhs” by their “Personal shoppers”, followed by all the ladies sharing refreshments! The gals from the women’s center left brimming with joy, encouragement and hope!

“This is the best day I’ve had in a really, really, really, really long time! Thank you so much!”

thanks, mckinley carter for your on-going support of women in transition or crisis in a very hands-on, personal way! Thanks for investing in these women!

that’s the heartwarming effect of a sponsored girls night out. Do you know a business, women’s group or caring individuals who would underwrite such an event? Call 412-364-3256 412-364-3256 or use our online form

affirming the treasure in you!!!

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