March Newsletter

We’re BACK – crazy as ever!

It’s been nonstop since we returned on March 8th – sales and donations have been AWESOME – we’re struggling to keep up with the processing so we’re asking that donations come on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday (NOT on Tuesdays or Thursdays please!) THANKS for respecting our time to process your generous donations!!

We’re still offering 60% OFF because we still have such ABUNDANCE (better than Sassy Senior or Single Mom discount of 50% OFF!). When we have so much, we pass along the savings to YOU and we’re all happy!

We finally had our small claims case with the contractors. Sally did a great job of representing Treasure House and we WON – wahooooo – BUT now they are appealing so the saga continues! BOO HISS!

The floor on the B side of the building is sealed concrete (very “on trend”). We’ve not received any compensation from the contractors, so that was our best solution!

Come and see us – we missed your face!



Come to our House on April Fool’s Day to get 70% OFF…you’d be a fool not to come!

OF COURSE we’ll be dressed crazy!
OF COURSE you’re welcome to dress crazy, too!
OF COURSE we’ll be putting out new merchandise between now and then so you have FAB FASHIONS to choose!

While you’re marking your calendar, add these special sales:

  • EARTH DAY – APRIL 22 – 70% OFF When you shop our resale, you’re saving the planet while getting great bargains!! YEAH FOR YOU!!
  • RAID OUR CLOSET Star Wars – Wednesday, MAY 4th! 70% OFF EVERYTHING – including fashions from our closet!
  • CELEBRATE MOM – May 7 with 70% OFF. Moms are the BEST!!


Just Want You to Know…

She stopped in to the store to make a donation of clothing – but started sharing a bit of her story with one of our volunteers, who came to get me!

I understand you’ve got some challenges,” I said. That simple statement opened a flood gate of emotion!

She poured out her heart, sharing that her ex-husband had been stalking her, had put a tracking device on her phone, had other people following her and when she contacted the police, they contacted him to see if that was true. Now she and her granddaughter were facing homelessness in a few weeks because the place they were staying had been sold. It was all overwhelming!

I gave her my phone and let her sit in our office to contact a few of our partner agencies about resources she needed – without fear of her phone calls being tracked. She connected with domestic violence agencies that could offer safe housing – even pet friendly facilities that would accommodate her granddaughter’s support dogs.
Her granddaughter came the next day for much need clothing and returned the following day to volunteer with a grateful heart!

That’s what YOU make possible with your support of our mission – that’s women helping women!
We’re HERE for HER!

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