Let There be LIGHT!

Let There be LIGHT!

Pittsburgh is not known for its sunny weather – in fact, according to Google, Pittsburgh gets 59 clear days. Not “sunny” but “clear.” A “clear” day is defined by the NCDC as a day with “zero to 3/10 average sky cover”…whatever that means! A reporter for the Post-Gazette did his own informal “let me actually look at the sky” survey and calculated it’s more like 159 days – which still leaves half the year a bit in the dark!

At any rate, we noted that even with our skylights, there were days when the lighting in our House was dreary. Bad lighting, especially in a clothing store, makes it challenging to see true colors and details in clothing! Enter C W Electrical!!Let There be LIGHT!

These supportive neighbors (located on Babcock Blvd) installed new lighting throughout our main showroom – A and B sides. What a difference! Once their installation was complete, we noted the other areas looked dull (just like when you paint one room in your own home, and it has a snowball effect for painting the rest of the house! LOL!) Their prices were reasonable, their workmanship excellent, and they accommodated our crazy schedule to be the least disruptive to our store and mission!

THANKS, CW Electrical, for great workmanship and for being supportive neighbors in many ways!

We Can See Clearly Now!

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