Just Want You to Know…

I can’t imagine leaving my homeland and traveling across the ocean to a new country with a different language and one suitcase for a family of four – all to gain hope and the opportunity to live a safe life.

That’s been the experience of Afghan refugees and Treasure House Fashions has partnered with organizations who are helping these people settle into homes in our communities.

Accompanied by sponsors, the women come to our store and shop for what they like as well as what they need. Their culture promotes modest dress and head coverings – which they can readily find in our spacious facility. Most cannot speak English – a few can – but all are deeply appreciative of smiling faces that express acceptance, care and kindness as they select clothing to fit their needs.

Each situation is unique and we are grateful to have Pay It Forward gift certificates (available to purchase on our website: www.thfashions.org) to fill in as needed.

We’ve been told that Ukraine refugees are coming soon – and we’ll be ready for them!

That’s what YOU make possible with your support of our mission – that’s women helping women!

Regardless of where you’re from, WE WELCOME YOU!!

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