Just Want You to Know…

She came into the store right before BAG SALE. When her father had died, she became a full-time caregiver for her mom…her mom recently died! This devoted daughter in her 60s had accumulated debt, not working as she cared for her mom. As she faced re-entering the job force, she felt overwhelmed, emotionally depleted, financially challenged. She had lost considerable weight due to all the stress! No clothes to start a new job!

“Clothing we can handle,” I assured her, although it was more difficult to find her itty bitty size than I had imagined…but we did! I gave her information for other resources, sometimes calling the agency myself first to navigate the weeds and confirm that she fit into their category for assistance.

She came back daily under the pretense of shopping (and she did shop). Mostly, she had found a haven – a place of hope, offering connection and reassurance that her future will be ok. She even stayed extra hours to help with flipping the shop the last day of BAG SALE.

Now she’s connected with various partner agencies; she’s looking and feeling good in her itty bitty clothes!

That’s what YOU make possible by your support of our mission…’cuz that’s what we women do!!


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