Just want you to know….

Straighten your crown to rule and reign in your sphere – regardless of what’s happening in the rest of the world!

Amanda from Key Bank sent me a New Year’s text: we want to sponsor a Girls Night Out for Sojourner House Moms.

“I know with COVID it will be different but I want these wonderful ladies to start the year off on a positive note and no better way to do that than through a shopping spree!”

Despite the challenges of current times, the women of Key Bank are determined to provide an uplifting opportunity for the ladies from Sojourner House, one of our partner agencies that works with moms in addiction recovery!

In addition to underwriting the Girls Night Out, Key Bank ladies are planning sessions on financial wellness for the Sojourner Moms. ..a shopping spree and financial empowerment! Way to go, ladies! That’s women helping women!

Look for opportunities in 2021 where you can spread encouragement, hope and care. Rule and reign in your sphere, gals – and rule well!!


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