Just want you to know….


it’s time for me to jump in with my two cents worth! The past 8 months have been (I was told I have to keep this pg) “Wild and strange”…If you know me, you can add in the expletives! It has stretched us physically, emotionally and in every other way imaginable! I wanna say thanks to all who have stepped up to support us – you know who you are! Really – thanks!

sally and I have done everything we knew how to do – and learned a few new tricks – to get through this crazy time. You’ve been there for us! If you’ve shopped, thanks – if you haven’t, get in here ‘cuz we’ve got tons of really great merchandise and I need more room to process! If you’ve volunteered, thanks – if you haven’t we understand and want you to take care of yourself! We’re adjusting to this “New normal” (I hate that term) but miss you and would love to see you! Stop in!

last spring sally was selected as one of larry’s hometown heroes – then covid-19 hit and everything got canceled. Like lots of stuff, the award ceremony is shifted to a virtual event and you can see it in the embedded video below, larry talks about sally at about 9:30.

I’m not originally from the ‘burgh, but I’ve heard this is a pretty big deal! Congrats, sally!

stay safe and come see us!

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