Just Want You to Know…

Just Want You to Know...

Yes, we closed on Friday, January 19th. It was bitter cold, and we followed North Hills School District closings for the comfort and safety of our staff and volunteers. But I came into the shop to work on a grant…

The phone rang, and I answered. “Are you open today?” “No. You just happened to catch me here. Why? What’s happening?”

A single mom relayed that she had just gotten a gift certificate from North Hills Community Outreach (NHCO) and needed snow pants for her kids today.

“We don’t carry kid’s clothing – only women’s,” I explained.

“My kids wear adult sizes, but I need them today.” she insisted.

Despite being closed, I invited her to come. I could hear the mama bear need in her voice and wanted to help. We found three pairs of snow pants that she thought would be perfect. Playing in the snow was “free”, and she was desperate to find activities that she could do with her kids!

“That’s how Treasure House started,” I explained. I had experienced suburban poverty before the government identified it as a “thing.” I knew the creative ways moms try to provide for their kids when money is tight or nonexistent. I knew all about playing in the snow…making snow chairs, snow bears, snow dragons, and igloos.

“Igloos?” “Sure! The secret is using a spray bottle to wet them down before night so they freeze and last forever!”

“How did you survive it?” she queried after sharing her exhaustion. There’s no magic answer to that question…but we do! With the help and encouragement of others, the grace of God, grit, and guts…ya just do!

I gave her extra gift certificates and told her she had to find some things for herself – it was sooooo hard for her to shift her mindset. While she searched, I found the perfect jacket that had these words on the back: STRONG ENOUGH!

She was on the verge of tears when she left but also encouraged – she’ll make it! And she knows our House is a place where she’ll always find encouragement to keep on keeping on…and snow pants and a jacket!

That’s what YOU make happen when you support our mission! That’s women helping women!



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