Just Want You to Know…

Just Want You to Know...

She came into the shop with her case worker. It was her first time at Treasure House, and she was stunned by the selection and quality of the merchandise. Her case worker (a tenderhearted and patient guy from Foundation of Hope) handed her off and announced he was going next door to Eat’n’Park for coffee.

“Take your time and have fun!” he said as he walked out the door.

She hardly knew where to begin. She found cute boots and pants and tops and sweaters. We were offering 70% OFF so her gift certificate went a long way in providing some retail therapy to soothe her bruised soul.

“I can’t believe how amazing this store is! Thank you so much.” When her case worker returned from his coffee, she was excited to tell him what a fabulous time she had.

“I told you that you’d love it here!” he knowingly stated. He’s accompanied many clients to our House! She was smiling from ear to ear as she exited with all her shopping treasures – but most of all, she knew she was seen as the real treasure!

That’s what you make happen when you support our mission!

“I can’t wait to come back!”