Just Want You to Know…

Just Want You to Know...

My dear friend Lori sent me a text: did Treasure House Fashions have any teeny, tiny wedding dresses? She wanted to bring her niece Elizabeth to the shop for her wedding gown…And it needs to be within a budget!

We have LOTS of wedding dresses – over a hundred – but did we have teeny, tiny ones for this bride-to-be – ?? Let’s try…

When they arrived, we quickly assembled extra small wedding gowns, recognizing that it might be necessary to enlist the services of a seamstress to adjust the size. With each gown that she tried, Elizabeth expressed the desires of her heart for her special day: she wanted a lace bodice, a smooth skirt (but not too full), she wanted airy sleeves. She knew what she wanted – could we deliver the dress of her dreams?

This gal is probably a size zero – but she has a heart that is waaaaaay bigger! She tried on numerous dresses, but none had the “wow” factor that she longed for! Finally, thinking outside the box, Sally brought her a short dress that had the perfect bodice and a long train that had no matching gown (more than enough fabric to create a long skirt for this skinny minny gal). Voila! It looked FABULOUS – but not as fabulous as the expression on this bride-to-be’s face!

She said “YES” to a dress that checked all the boxes for her magical day, and the cost was less than $100 (no, we’re NOT revealing the wedding gown – that’s for the Big Day…but look at her SMILE!)

May the rest of her married days be even more magical! Just one of the treasures you can find at Treasure House Fashions!

YES to the DRESS…that we created!

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