Just want you to know….

When we re-opened, we wanted to express our appreciation to returning customers through a basket raffle (donated by kathy badarraco of bountiful foods & baskets).

The last day of june we pulled the winning ticket; the winner was one of our ever-faithful volunteers! When this gracious lady learned she won, she selflessly asked if there was someone we knew who would be blessed by receiving this gift…she felt she was already grateful for all she had. I immediately thought of a single mom who had a brain tumor at the beginning of covid-19. After her operation, this young mom was whisked out of the hospital just prior to covid patients being admitted!

Tracy and I delivered the gift basket and this single mom was delighted to be thought of – to be cared for – by someone she didn’t even know!

The “winner” said, “any of our ladies would have done the same!” the truth is she’s probably right! We have such an amazing, caring group of tender-hearted women who gather at our house – volunteers, shoppers, donors…women helping women on a regular basis! I’m so very proud to be part of this treasure house family! If you’re one of our “regulars”, thanks for all that you do spreading the love!!

Women Helping Women!

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