Just Want You to Know…

Just Want You to Know…
When you develop steadfast relationships with partner agencies, you know you can count on one another!

Grace Coleman, director of Crisis Center North, called with a need: a woman had left an abusive situation with only the clothes on her back…and her dog! Could we shop for her? Grace passed along the woman’s sizes, and Sally went to work with other volunteers, filling out the requested list.

Selecting items that could readily be mixed and matched for versatility, the virtual shoppers filled a bag of work-suitable clothing with a few accessories. A case worker from CCN picked up the clothing and shipped it to a safe location.

Grace shared that the woman was overjoyed with her “treasures” – “…and I even have a nice purse!” she squealed!

Several weeks later, Grace added to the request: could we select some summer clothing as well? OF COURSE!! Again, Sally and the volunteers checked off the list of requested items to be shipped to the safe place.

Our relationship is ongoing! We provide for various seasons and stages of life! We’re HERE for women in transition and crisis, and by linking arms together with partner agencies, we’re better able to serve their needs…and add some unexpected “wants.”

Did you know that Crisis Center North is one of the only agencies that will assist survivors leaving with large animals? Recently they helped a woman leave with three horses (her abuser would take food from the horses as added punishment for her!)

Our pets – big and small – are beloved and emotional support. Women refuse to seek safety if they can’t bring their pets!

Working together as partner agencies, we offer support, care, and safety! That’s what you make possible!

Women Helping Women!

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