Just Want You to Know…

“Janel” was faced with a dilemma: she was pregnant, unmarried and uncertain about her future. Should she keep the baby? Should she not keep the baby? How could she provide a stable home? She had so many questions and longed for answers and direction.

She went to one of our partner agencies and had a sonogram. She decided that she wanted to keep this child. Then the dad stepped up in a big way: he bought the ring, arranged for a surprise proposal and dropped to one knee with the question… “Will you marry me?”

The couple decided they wanted to get married on December 30th. The partner agency sent her to our House for a wedding dress (yes, we have beautiful wedding gowns in our mezzanine!) She tried on several and found one that fit well. Sally coaxed her in front of the tri-mirror, and she had to agree that she looked beautiful. She said YES to the dress!

The agency gals got busy arranging for an intimate wedding ceremony, a small reception and even a honeymoon night at The Priory. Sally was honored to attend the affair, to help the bride get dressed and to meet the families and co-workers that came to the joyous occasion.

“I know this happened quicker than expected, but this is exactly what I wanted. I’ve loved her from the moment I met her,” gushed the groom.

The bride and groom were overwhelmed at the generous outpouring of well-wishers, and all those in attendance were deeply touched by their love!

It was a celebration! Women helping women (and a few men). That’s what YOU make possible through your support of our mission!

Celebrating LIFE & LOVE!

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