Just Want You to Know…

“Anna” walked into Treaure House Fashions wearing sunglasses – even though it was not a sunny day. The volunteers asked how they could help her and she shared her raw story. Her ex had beaten her so badly that she had brain surgery – doctors were unsure of the long-term effects.

The sunglasses were to cover her bruises and to hide the pain in her eyes. He had broken her glasses, too! How could she return to her scheduled work if she couldn’t see the computer? She at least needed a pair of readers.

One of our partner agencies had directed her to our House – gift certificates in hand. Our volunteers began to soothe her aching heart with kindness and affirmation.

Tenderly, Sandy and Deb (our volunteers) helped her select clothing for work and pick out a cute pair of readers. As they fussed over her, her countenance lifted – she smiled and even laughed with additions to her new wardrobe.

She still wore her sunglasses as she exited the store – but there was a genuine smile on her face! That’s women helping women and that’s what YOU make happen through your support of our mission!


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