Just Want You to Know…

BAG SALE was NOT the norm this year! Tracy and I had COVID and for the first time ever we CLOSED for 2 days prior and on the 1st day of BAG SALE! We refunded the $5 donation/registration as we rested and tried to recuperate! COVID kicked our butts!

The following week we had 1 regular BAG SALE day ($30/bag) then 2 days of “Take What You Want; Pay What You Can” to empty the store before we flipped the shop for our new season.

Clients came from partner agencies and were thrilled to load up with fashions for themselves and even for clients who weren’t able to attend.

One woman had recently experienced a fire and we restored her entire wardrobe and more!

A woman struggling with our current economy was able to get clothes for work and still get gas to get to work!

A college grad gathered up clothing for her first job – without adding to her college debt!

Another nonprofit collected all our leftover shoes to raise funds for a school in a third world country.

We had the smallest amount of discards after a BAG SALE ever!! All our resources went to partner agencies and women who wanted and needed them!

That’s what YOU make happen through your support of our mission…and it feels soooooooooooo GOOD!



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