HAPPY NEW YEAR!! This year I will be Fierce!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We have High Hopes for 2022 to be healthy, happy and prosperous in so many ways – not without challenges – but gals, we are FIERCE – so LET’S DO THIS!!

Speaking of challenges, we have a BIG ONE that we’re tackling as the New Year begins! In 2020 (right before the big shutdown), we replaced the flooring in half our building with the matching commercial tile we had purchased when we bought our current building! WELL – unfortunately, the preliminary contractors inappropriately used an adhesive that caused the flooring on that half of the building to buckle! The flooring must be ripped up completely and replaced!! UGH!!

Words cannot adequately express the disappointment and frustration with this dilemma! Due to the cost in time, energy and financial expense with a full-blown lawsuit, we’ve been advised to pursue small claims – which will only cover a fourth of the total loss!

WE NEED YOUR HELP!! Many of you contributed to our last flooring campaign (thanks for your support!), but here are some ways you can help with this one:

  • PLEASE SHOP...and send your friends, family, and co-workers to SHOP! We need to empty the shop before the contractors remove the flooring. During the month of JANUARY, we will have increasing discounts to encourage YOU to help us clear out the merchandise!
  • PURCHASE GIFT CERTIFICATES – for yourself, for a friend, or to Pay It Forward for a woman in need! We will not have income from the shop while we are closed for 2-3 weeks, so this would be very helpful for us – and for YOU!
  • MAKE A FINANCIAL DONATION… if you can! These are crazy times and yes, we just had the Holidays – we get it – but if you’re able to make a financial contribution, it would be greatly appreciated!

Because we will be CLOSED 2-3 WEEKS, JAN 22 is LAST DAY FOR CLOTHING DONATIONS! Please respect that boundary – we must consolidate all racking, clothes, etc. to one side of the building for the contractors to work – there will be NO ROOM!

We’ll resume receiving clothing donations after MARCH 8th… hopefully! Stay tuned for updates!! Happy New Year! |

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