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Venezuelan Beauty Comes to THF


Global Pittsburgh placed an intern from Venezuela at Treasure House Fashions! It’s not a shared address that makes friends – it’s shared heart, soul and passion! That was the experience with our international intern, Mariangel Molina of Venezuela.

This intelligent, tender-hearted and beautiful (inside and out) young woman was assigned to Treasure House for a one-month internship as part of the Global Pittsburgh’s Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) program, sponsored by the US State Department. Mariangel and her Dream Team developed an online platform named Clossetine for Venezuelans to sell and buy clothing from women’s closets in the safety and comfort of their own homes.This platform also has a social impact component: anyone can donate damaged clothing to this site and Venezuelan craftspeople will create adorable stuffed animals from the textile waste! With the sale of each stuffed animal, another will be donated to a child in need in Venezuela… reducing textile waste, providing affordable clothing and creating smiles!! Win – win – win!!

The intern program was mutually beneficial – a valuable and enjoyable exchange of ideas, information, and culture – and a precious friendship that will continue virtually! Thank you, Mariangel, for all that you contributed to our mission and our hearts!

Miss you, mariangel!

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