Feel the LOVE! Best BAG SALE ever!!

We’ve shifted our approach to BAG SALE over the past few seasons: January is 70% OFF; four days of 80% OFF; then ONE DAY of regular BAG SALE ($30/bag with NO pre-registration – Tammy was our High Roller of the Day with 16 bags); 2 days Take What You Want-Pay What You Can!

This year we ran out of merchandise and CLOSED one day early! We had only 5 bags of discards left to pass along to St. Vincent DePaul (we’ve had a relationship with them for over 20 years and usually have 40+ bags of discards at the end of BAG SALE!)

Because of the DEEP DISCOUNT of 80% OFF and BAG SALE, we gave away $103,191 worth of merchandise during those sales and had LOTS of ladies leaving with big smiles! Agency women came and gathered goods for themselves and ladies at their agency who couldn’t get to the shop (THAT was empowering!)

We flipped the shop in record time! Now we have all fresh fashions of spring, peppered with winter merchandise (who knows what season it is with this crazy weather!?!)

It’s been challenging to keep up with everything – but we “get by with a little help from our friends!” FYI – you can check out what’s happening on our APP or our Facebook page!

FRIENDLY REMINDER: Clothing Donations are received on WED, FRI, and SAT – not the “T” days (TUE and THU when we TRY to get caught up on processing – we steam and clean every item for sanitation and appearance).

Please no hangers or boxes!
Bring items in any BAG that you don’t want back and drive to the rear!

We always welcome SHOPPERS!

Best BAG SALE ever!

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