Embracing yellow

Governor Wolf has declared that Allegheny County moves to the YELLOW PHASE on May 15th!

Specified businesses are permitted to re-open within certain state guidelines.

  • Some can’t wait – they’ve been chomping at the bit to get going again…
  • Others are terrified – will this spur another surge of the virus?….

There are sooooo many unknowns and so many sources of information – some valid – some not so accurate…

We are doing EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to re-establish a culture of comfort, safety and care! We have watched webinars, gathered information from the state, and talked with other nonprofits and business owners. We are being very intentional to implement what is required – and even a bit more! We care about you and MISS YOU SOOOOOO! We want to welcome you to our House again!

That being said, if you feel anxious or nervous about going out…about returning to see us, be patient and wait a bit! Let the dust settle and see how things play out!

If you ready to go and can’t wait to return to our “new normal”, we’ll welcome you with open arms (from a distance of SIX FEET! – LOL!)

Each of us is processing this pandemic differently – each of us has different health needs and concerns! We’re all trying to get through this the best we can. So please be patient – be kind – allow people to think and react differently – it’s ok! BUT ALWAYS TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF THE BEST YOU CAN!

Treasure House REOPENS on May 19th

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