Clothing Donations by Appointment Only!!

woman selecting used clothes wearing a clever shirt

If you can, please wait ’til after AUG 24!

Our processing area is STUFFED and we’re running out of racks and hangers! If you can possibly WAIT until after August 24th (after BAG SALE and after we close for a week!), we’d be SOOO GRATEFUL!

A few gals who made appointments to donate clothes also gave a monetary donation – THANK YOU! We need to keep the lights on as we continue to extend great discounts on our ABUNDANCE!

STILL DESPERATE FOR SHOPPERS! We’ve got cutie pie summer fashions – sun dresses, shorts, capris, tops, swimsuits… and we wanna see your face!!! We’re offering 60% OFF – 70% OFF and another 80% OFF BEACH PARTY – watch our APP, Facebook or our website for details! Enjoy some fashion “treasure hunting” at our House!


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