The two weeks off at Christmas time were refreshing, relaxing and much-needed! However, it didn’t prepare us for re-entry at the shop: no Wi-Fi, no phones and an abundance of donations! YIKES!!

Thankfully we have found EXCELLENT vendors to address our challenges (soooo good to find skilled people – who are nice AND know what they’re doing)! It’s taking longer than expected to resolve some of the problems (like the phones!), but we’re working on it!

Hence the delay in getting the newsletter out! Please extend some grace, ladies! We’re keeping up as well as possible and trying to maintain a thin thread of sanity in the process! AND we’re prepping for our semi-annual BAG SALE!! FYI – you can check out what’s happening on our APP or our Facebook page!

As we’ve done for the past few years, we have increasing discounts through the month of January leading up to BAG SALE.

Here’s our upcoming schedule:

  • JAN 14, 17-27 – 70% OFF
  • JAN 28, 31 and FEB 1-3 – 80% OFF (Can NOT shop After-Five @ 80%)
  • FEB 4, 7-9 – BAG SALE
  • FEB 10-11 – Closed for restocking and breathing!

This year there is NO pre-registration for BAG SALE! The increasing discounts have decreased merchandise for BAG SALE – so come EARLY, come OFTEN but COME to get phenomenal bargains while they last!

PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE do NOT bring clothing donations until FEB 15th! There’s simply NO ROOM!

We’re processing as quickly as possible, but need SHOPPERS!


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