Just Want You to Know…

She called on the phone to ask if we could help her out. Due to the pandemic and health challenges, she had not worked a regular job for four years. Now, thankfully, she got a position at the University of Pittsburgh, but she had no funds for an appropriate wardrobe.

“Come to the shop – we’ve got you covered!” I responded.

She came the next day and sheepishly explained that she’d gained 50 pounds from the stress. None of her clothes fit and in the temporary job that she she recently did, she wore only jeans and t-shirts.

“What’s your new job?”

“Admissions at Pitt!”

“Then you need to look the part!”

I helped her look through dresses and loaded her up with various possibilities to try on since she had no idea of her current size. As she slipped into different styles and sizes, we added blazers and suitable shoes. With each “yes” outfit, her smile, confidence and excitement grew.

“What do I owe you?” she questioned.

“A hug! Everything’s covered by caring women who underwrite Pay It Forward gift certificates for women who need some encouragement!” Just that morning we had received a generous Pay It Forward from a local woman’s group! Great timing!!

“I’m gonna do the same as soon as I’m on my feet again!” she promised…and I’m sure she will!

That’s what YOU make happen through your support of our mission…and it feels soooooooooooo GOOD


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