Just Want You to Know…

She asked to see After-Five gowns for a singing event – she was invited to open for the international AA conference being held at the Wyndham Grand Hotel across from the Point.

“What color do you have in mind?” I asked.

“White – it needs to be a statement outfit!”

I helped her look through the evening wear but we came up empty. I glanced through the wedding dresses and found a possibility: brilliant white, lace-up back, chiffon strap that covered one shoulder, slipped through the back lacing, and covered the other shoulder. It was breathtakingly perfect! She was stunning – and shared her story:

“She [the woman in charge of the conference] called me yesterday morning and asked if I would open for this conference. I normally don’t sing anything but Gospel, and said ‘no”. The woman stopped me and said ‘you didn’t even hear what the song is!’ She said they wanted me to sing Whitney Houston’s The Greatest Love of All – the same song I sang when I was 17 and competed in a beauty pageant. I was First Runner-Up in that pageant. That was before I became an alcoholic and drug addict and struggled for years with the mess that comes with that lifestyle. Now I’m 64! I’m clean and pure – just like this dress – and I’m restored by God’s Grace. I’ve come full circle – what an honor to sing this song at this conference!”

We took the dress to the register and I gave her jewelry in celebration of her story. Right there in our shop, she burst into the chorus of The Greatest Love of All! Staff and customers were spellbound by her amazing voice, and when she stopped, we all applauded!

“You weren’t expecting a concert while you shopped,” Tracy quipped.

Life is a journey – sometimes bumpy and not so pretty – but when you come full circle, we celebrate with YOU!!


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