Just Want You to Know…

She walked into the shop with her case worker and announced that she was only getting jewelry…she was sure nothing would fit her! Our volunteer on the register tried to encourage her to explore other items and gestured enthusiastically (as she normally does) around the shop.

The movement caused this young woman to flinch violently away from the volunteer! The volunteer came to me with grave concern. What kind of trauma and/or pain was this woman carrying?

I found “DeSHawna” and introduced myself. Again she announced that she was only getting jewelry. When I fussed at the idea, she explained that we would have nothing to fit her – which I accepted as a personal challenge! I guided her to the plus department, and we started shopping together.

“What about this?” I asked of various fashions.

“Oh, that’s cute! Do you think that would fit me?” She was “well-endowed,” but my seasoned eye estimated what could accommodate the “girls.” We gathered up long dresses, yoga pants, dresses, tops, and sandals. She tried on each item and her case worker and I “ooohed” and “aahed” over each outfit. She lapped up the attention like a love-starved kitten and beamed.

As she modeled her “treasures”, I observed that both her arms were peppered with multiple scars. Were they knife wounds – self-inflicted or inflicted upon her? I didn’t know. What I did know was that she was so very grateful for the attention, affirmation, and genuine care. Her case worker thanked me for helping her, and she commented, “That was nice of him to say!”

“Well, yeah – I only hang with nice people, and I would hang with you two anytime,” I quipped.

When she left, I asked for a hug, and she responded with a full bear hug and whispered, “Thank you. No, really – THANK YOU! Can I come back again?”

We assured her that return visits are welcome and she can just check in with her case worker to come again!

You never know what someone is carrying – trauma, pain, difficult situations, wounds! Some are visible; others are not! So always be kind – we all need it! That’s what you make happen through our House!


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