Young Women See Our Example

My “adopted” niece Erin was planning to come to Treasure House with her friend’s mom. The mom had undergone surgeries on her spine due to a tumor…one side of her body is numb and her current clothing doesn’t work well. Erin wondered if we had any specials or discounts happening…

I was so touched and proud that this young college student has the tenderness and sensitivity to provide transportation, time and caring to touch the life of a woman going through a very challenging journey! Of course, we’d gladly give her gift certificates!

Her friend’s mom had to cancel that day – she wasn’t feeling well enough! The following day Erin drove her to the shop. The mom was greeted with a tender hug of welcome -followed by another at her request! She explained that due to the tumor and surgeries, her body is hyper sensitive to fabrics and she can only wear super soft materials and tennis shoes. Our volunteers gently assisted her selection of soothingly comfortable tops, pants and shoes…all she needed and more – which moved her to tears of gratitude! She’s always welcome at our House!