Wrapped in Love

Bashia’s sister passed away – that’s how she was introduced to Treasure House Fashions. The shop became a place to pass along the clothes as a “living legacy” to her loved sibling. As a result of this emotional connection, Bashia started shopping here. One day she noticed a luscious fur coat and decided to buy it for her mom! When growing up, her mom had made most of the clothing for her and her sister – so this extravagance was an expression of her deep appreciation for her mom’s devotion and sacrifice! The fur was presented to her mom and her mom was thrilled! When there was a chill in the house, she would slip on her fur coat…when she took out the garbage in the early morning, she wore her fur coat…when she went outside to warm up the car, she put on her fur coat…of course she had to wear the fur to church even if it was rather warm. Basia and her mom were both models at Treasure House Fashions’ Fashion Finds with a Flair. On the runway Basia’s mom confessed, “I never knew I lusted for a fur until I had one!”At any age and in any circumstance, Treasure House Fashions can affirm the treasure within!