The Kindest People

Clients from Women’s Correctional Facility gathered at Treasure House Fashions for a Sponsored GNO (Girls Night Out). The event was generously underwritten by two ladies who wanted to “be a blessing” and by the Third Presbyterian Church of Shadyside. Transportation was provided so the clients could arrive together. Each client received a $30 gift certificate redeemed at HALF OFF (so clients get twice the merchandise) and one-on-one “personal shoppers” from the community – tenderhearted women who gently assisted in clothing selections (but mostly they just “fussed” over the clients!). When shopping was done (with lots of SMILES), the “personal shoppers” and clients moved to the mezzanine for refreshments and more time to chatter together. Constance Pearson, our Program Coordinator shared: “For me, personally, it was the best GNO we’ve had because the “personal shoppers” were so invested in the clients! In an interview I had with one of the clients a week later, she gushed, ‘They had the most beautiful clothes and the kindest people I’ve ever been with! I got beautiful things!’ That makes it all worthwhile!”