Shopping Sorrows Away!

It was 10 PM – normally she’d be going to bed or listening to a podcast with earbuds, but instead, she heard a weird buzzing – What was that? She called upstairs and her 6-year-old yelled down…

“My room is on fire! I’m trying to put it out!” “Nooooooo! Get out of the house!”

Mary screamed for the rest of her family – her husband, her mother-in-law, her daughter who was home from college and her 6-year-old. They all escaped as their home burst into flames. The firemen arrived in short order…but soon the house was destroyed by flames and water damage.

For a month the whole family lived in a hotel. As she retold the story with tears in her eyes, she shared that they had just moved into a temporary home in Gibsonia. The insurance settlement was not done, their house is in shambles, stripped to the bare studs and they had salvaged nothing! A fellow Mary Kay rep told her to come to Treasure House and we would help her – Really? she asked… OF COURSE!

Mary “shopped” her sorrows away, stunned that our merchandise was “such nice quality…I’m stunned!” She selected things that fit her style (this gal has great taste!), her work, and things to “wear to church”! As she restored her wardrobe, her hope and joy were restored, too! Gratitude oozed from her!

“I will tell everyone about this place! This place is amazing!” We hope she does! Word of mouth is our best advertising! That’s what we do – because of your support! SPREAD THE WORD!!