Seeing Clearly

Bernita had taken three buses to get to Treasure House Fashions. She was wearing sunglasses to conceal the bruises on her face from her abuser and struggling to maintain her dignity. Apologetically, she presented the gift certificates she had received from her agency, explaining that she had left an abusive situation and needed appropriate clothing for a job interview. Our volunteers assured her that we had a wonderful selection of clothing that she would love and started asking questions about her preferences. “What’s your favorite color? Do you prefer suits with skirts or pants or do you want to look at dresses?” They gently helped with clothing options and lavished her with compliments as she settled into an affirming shopping spree. Her countenance lightened with each fashion “score,” and her stature reflected her growing confidence! When she finalized her selections, she was greeted with congratulatory hugs – and all shared tears in celebration! Women helping women on challenging journeys – that’s what we do at Treasure House Fashions!