Personal Shoppers

The ladies from the Warrendale Women’s Business Network (WBN) sponsored a Girls’ Night Out (GNO) for the women from the Lighthouse, a program for homeless mothers and their children. The Holiday Season seemed like the perfect time! The WBN provided refreshments, filled purses with Mary Kay cosmetics, and stuffed gift boxes with other bath, body and hair products that were donated by friends, clients, and neighbors. But MOST importantly, these caring business women paired off with the women from the Lighthouse – they became “personal shoppers” – and tenderly assisted these women from the Lighthouse with their shopping selections. It’s hard to think about “wants” when in survival mode and consumed with big “needs”! The clients were deeply appreciative! “I could never have gotten these things without her help!” “I always spend my money on my kids – this was for just for ME!” The WBN gals were deeply touched that their provision and TIME meant so much to these challenged single moms!