On the Road…

On the journey of investing in others you meet WONDERFUL, like-minded friends. Our Director Sally Power met Lori Concelman, Owner of Glenshaw Auto, at K-Love’s Single Moms Night Out. Lori and her husband Sam are GLENSHAW AUTO SAM AND LORIdevoted to their family-owned business! They have created a culture that values their employees and their customers – and that instills loyalty from both. The Concelmans are community-minded and offer a Day of Care for Single Moms and families in need to insure that their vehicles are “road ready” before the inclement weather sets in.

Single Mom Shana Webb loved her recent experience at the Day of Caring:

“Being a single mother with an older vehicle, I fear going to an auto mechanic more than the dentist! A bad mechanic can really scare the life out of me every time I turn the ignition if I can’t afford “necessary” repairs.”

At Glenshaw Auto, they go the extra mile to earn your trust. Lori has purchased and employed a system where they use an iPad to record the under-workings of your vehicle, things you might never see, or understand, if you don’t have a gear-head in you. Then, side-by-side, you can see a video of how this part of your car should actually look when it’s functioning properly. It all becomes very obvious what you need, and if you can wait, why or why not.