Loss Restored

A CALL FOR HELP THROUGH 211!! She called on the phone, saying that she was referred to Treasure House by 211 – the PA state hotline for resources and emergencies. It was the all-too-familiar story: she had been in the “perfect” relationship – he was kind and caring and said all the right things! When he moved in with her, he became controlling and possessive. She resisted his dictates, and he burned her clothes and threatened her. She’d been a manager at a local business but had to leave employment there because he knew where she worked and was stalking her! Could we help?
OF COURSE!! She arrives at our store in a borrowed car…everything she was wearing was borrowed from the girlfriend she was staying with. She hadn’t realized how terrified she’d felt until she moved in and “exhaled”…she finally felt safe! After shopping through everything – coats, shoes, jammies, work clothes, casual outfits – her wardrobe was restored with “nicer things” than she’d had before! She was smiling ear to ear and her eyes were brimming with tears of appreciation. “Thank you so much! I’m so grateful for everything! This is more than I could have imagined!” A life-changing twist in fate – loss of job, loss of wardrobe, loss of safety, loss of self…but together, ladies, we can be a beacon of hope and begin the process of restoration in lives like this one! YES, we can!