Like a Kid at Christmas

A young girl from Ukraine was brought to Treasure House by her friend. She had left her country with a very limited wardrobe – her clothing was in bad condition. Clothes in Ukraine are very expensive, with poor selection and, as she stated designer clothes are unheard of there because they are impossible to import and the people can’t afford them. She was unaccustomed to having so many choices, especially quality merchandise, and she that she couldn’t afford them. With coaxing from the volunteers, she selected items to try on and her countenance blossomed with each outfit that she tried on. She found items that she loved and she was delighted with how many things she could get with her gift certificates! She was like a kid on Christmas eve- – so anxious to share her new clothes at work and the office Christmas party!! She also couldn’t wait to tell her family back home about her shopping spree. She was in tears when she left, which brought tears to the volunteers, too! Our volunteers love helping to make beautiful moments like this.