Just Want You to Know…

We’ve had a long-standing relationship with POWER, an agency working with women in early addiction recovery. Their coordinator Karen called and asked if the women from their halfway houses could come to get winter clothing. OF COURSE!! The ladies arrived on the agency van in two groups: 8 ladies the first day and 9 the next. As the gals walked through the shop door, Sally embraced each with a hug (asking her permission first). Sally shared how THF started, explained the gift certificates, then cut the gals loose to shop for what they wanted and needed.

“This is so much fun!”

“You have really nice stuff!”

“WOW! This is really nice getting clothes. Thanks for doing this!”

Sally prompted (and pressured! LOL!) the staff to shop for themselves! We know the salaries of nonprofit workers leaves a lot to be desired. They are dedicated – not rich -so we love encouraging them to invest in themselves, too!

That’s our mission: “promoting the dignity and self-esteem of women, particularly women in transition or crisis.” We’ve all been there, ladies – or walked through life with someone who’s been there!

“When you put on these clothes, that’s a virtual hug from us cheering you on!” Sally reminded each of them.

One day we used Pay It Forward gift certificates for the ladies! That’s what YOU make possible by your support of our mission…’cuz that’s what we women do!!