Gift Certificates

This month we received a call from “MB” asking if this was “for real” – were we really giving gift certificates for clothing at Treasure House Fashions to military women. I assured her that we were (plus refreshments – Grab and Go bags from Jersey Mike’s). She registered to attend and said she’d get a ride from her friend.

The next day she called again to confirm that this was really happening. Again we assured her that this is what we do to honor military women. She called a third time and this time explained that she had just left a homeless situation with the help of one of our veteran partner agencies. Again she expressed her deep appreciation for the resource to shop for clothing.

Do you have coats? Do you have shoes?

Again we assured her that we have coats, shoes, boots, jammies – anything a woman would wear and she’ll get to pick what she likes, as well as what she needs.

She’s excited to come – and we’re honored to serve her…because she served us!