“Good Morning, I have to say even though I was at Treasure House looking for clothes, I found an angel. I stopped in your store last night and enjoyed myself. Everyone is so nice, even the customers. I was chatting with other customers like I was shopping with girlfriends. When I was leaving, I recognized someone from the fashion show. Her story moved me so much. I went to my car and cried again like I did at the show. I waited for her to come out and told her I appreciate her telling her story. See, I have a sister incarcerated that I have not written or spoken to in 5 years. She stood there and listened to me for about 20 minutes. I gave her a big hug and she said a prayer for me. I never thought I would say someone who has been to jail is an angel, but I met one through Treasure House. I will be sending a check after the first of the year. Half will go to your store and the other half, if you can, to her for a gift certificate. I may not be able to help my sister at this point but I can help someone who has been through the same thing. Just so you know, I did take time to write my sister a letter last night.