Flip Flops and Capris in Pittsburgh?

It was an unusual phone message – the woman calling explained that her sorority sister lived in the Virgin Islands with her mom and dad. The dad had gone somewhat berserk and started physically abusing the women. They needed to escape the situation and called friends in the States for help. Another sorority sister had frequent flier miles and scheduled a flight to bring them to Pittsburgh that night. Our weather was in a cold snap and they were leaving with flip flops and capris – could Treasure House Fashions help? As women, we cringe hearing those circumstances – we imagine how we would feel if we were experiencing the same crisis and what resources could we come up with at a moment’s notice? Thankfully at Treasure House we had the sizes and the variety they needed for their initial entry – coats, pajamas, jogging suits and tennis shoes. “Since they’ll be staying at a shelter tonight, their space will be limited, but when they’re ready, bring them back for more clothing!” The caring sorority sister gathered up the two bags of Treasure House clothing and left to get toiletries before heading for the airport. How fortunate that these women had friends who were willing to go the extra mile (even extra “frequent flier” miles!) to provide a safety net and how grateful they were to have a resource like Treasure House Fashions to provide at a moment’s notice!